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About Us at BetNerd


The team is a small group of people, very interested in betting, sports, casino games and everything related to that.

You can say we are truly betting nerds!

Our website will present a variety of sections. First of all we are creating betting guides for our favourite sports where we are giving tips and strategies along with recommendations on where to bet.

We’ll also constantly publish news, fun stuff and our betting predictions for some of the most interesting matches and tournaments around the world.

We are all sharing a common interest of sports betting and gambling since an early age. Those were the times we went to the local betting shop to place our wagers. The situation is of course different now with all online betting sites.

If you want to reach out to us, don’t hesitate to send an email via the form on our contact section.

More info on Twitter and OpenSea.

Blog with Predictions

Don’t miss our constant betting predictions of the match, fights and races.

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Betting Guides

A wide selection of guides for betting on football, tennis, golf an other sports we enjoy.